LRI’s change management consulting helps leaders build high performing organizations. Via our practices of strategy, leadership, governance and performance, we catalyze real, meaningful change for our clients.

Here are examples of how we provide value:

  • Engaging management teams, boards of directors and other groups in identifying the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
  • Solidifying the organization’s strategic position by facilitating agreement around values, vision, goals, objectives, strategies and measures of success.
  • Developing performance metrics and targets to assure alignment across the organization.
  • Working with senior managers to create and implement effective business plans and action plans.
  • Designing and implementing management structures and organizational structures.
  • Developing governance structures that result in clear decision-making roles and responsibilities.
  • Coaching individuals and teams in sophisticated management techniques.
  • Assisting senior managers in identifying and achieving their development goals.
  • Facilitating the implementation of measures of success at all levels of the organization, resulting in continuous performance improvement.

In each of these examples, LRI plays the role of facilitator and strategic catalyst. To assure the change management process takes root, we arm our clients with powerful communication tools and other best practices to facilitate engagement and buy-in.

To speak with a senior change management consultant about how LRI’s tools, workshops, and consulting can help you build a high-performing organization, call 1-800-598-7662 or email